Sebo 300 Mechanical

Sebo 300 Mechanical

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The Sebo 300 MECHANICAL is commercial grade upright vacuum cleaner that provides the utmost in reliability, durability and cleaning effectiveness.  This vacuum features a 12" cleaning width.  It cleans carpets and hard floors along with superb pet hair removal.  To maximize durability, this vacuum is entirely mechanical instead of electronic.  All electronic components are located in the power head, with none in the bag housing or handle, thereby minimizing electrical connectors and further improving reliability.  This also means that the on/off switch is located on the power head, so the user's foot can easily activate it.  Plus,  the power cord is externally located, which allows instant,  tool free removal and replacement.  All this,  along with simple access to most machine parts,  means that maintenance is quick and easy. 


39 Foot Cord

Instant use wand and suction hose

Four level manual brush height with innovative wand adjustment technique

Brush obstruction indicator with automatic shut off

Easy brush roller strip removal and cleaning

Easy Maintenance

Foot pedal stress release

Convenient carrying handle

Three on board full sized tools

Rotating cord hook

Low 6.5 inch profile

Protective, rubber coated wheels

Hugh 1.4 gallon filter bag

Durable,  heavy duty belts

Three-step Hospital Grade Filtration

Full bag or clog indicator

Model 91303AM